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Diddy changes his name, AGAIN

Don’t expect Sean Combs to respond to any of his former monikers – Diddy, P. Diddy, Puffy Daddy, Puff etc.

On Saturday, the media mogul announced he’ll be going by Love or Brother Love moving forward.

“I decided to change my name again,” he said on Twitter from a seaside location. “I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different. So, my new name is Love, aka Brother Love.”

“I’ve been praying on this…,” he explained. “I know it’s risky. It could come off as corny to some people.”

The announcement came on his 48th birthday.



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  • Thanks gonna change my name to Chittlings, Strawberry, I’ll end my name at The Devil Dreussler Brownsler, region Jamaican. but after I met Craig Mac and Pdiddy in the club at the all white party in Atlanta Ga. After being called beautiful from Craig Mac. Being slobber down from a cripple without permission from Bad Boy Entertainment. Not making it into Making the Band, Dressed like Lil Kim..freestyle was pretty hot, and I know they got it on tape.A.J. from 106 and Park rubbing on my stomach Pdiddy I mean Love missed it, I won’t be answering to no shooters, Monica’s, nor Loves aka brothers loves, walking out of the clubs, from that HoodRat Kimberly Combs studentering she gender raising him. I’ll say…I met him a past life ago, and looked like the (sillowet) in his glasses, and he was a Celebrity, Every one was calling him Sean Combs and I was his music artist Chittling and Strawberry and the Government name that he use(Sean Combs) used by the world,~~~What hurt me is that The world was using that name and I did have a say in what he names his self. His logoed name as Sean Combs Very 100% production added all the cents very paid precise. And I began to love him. And I didn’t have a name of my own towards call him. As like he was all none private, which brings me back towards his hoodrat mother. I’m a private person. And I swear if life can start over and as the same but only I can stand in another sand beach ankles and knees position I would be standing beside him on his right and deep in me I was bothered, and he got all private and made an Internet public speach and said to the world~Cant tell that MuthaFucka nothing…..Call Me Love a brand new name the only thing bothering me…The she gender… Didn’t turn around and say very much my friend call me Love, personally to me, made a public announcement of a new name? past life end.ed. I never told him though. Yet him name Sean Combs is the most prettiest name from the most beautifulest person that I want to rubb, his belly button and slobber him down He is Love. The name killed me out/real name because I’m private. All love lost as I ran down the sand the dream ended. And then he was like thanks to my mom and dad… And it sounded like so.rry loud. I never wanted to see his mother again, From me_? I wrote this hole thing about him and ended on the fool subject of his mother. I’d like to say Love is not Corny, thus I lied to Pdiddy and he told me I had to leave. And I said goodbye. And this very memoryful message has been on me heart for 11 billion years+ more. And I had to vent do to the aliens ability of mind hearing and and and mind seeing-_-ability, charms the universal offers to us and and all classrooms. Never be scared. Aneternity__ting matureaty is the key from me forward towards/for to life ring for towards eternity+Christiane+graduating+gender(he/she)-he and she gender_divide that eqaling =fun for eternity_all classrooms=forward toward comprehending all fun (everyone entity dies sleeps then wakes over and over again)x lives for internity-in-in-in-nobody dies-internity.