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Anthony Scaramucci wants paternity test for newborn son

Anthony Scaramucci’s divorce is turning nasty, because he believes the newborn son whose birth he missed during his historically-brief tenure in the White House is not his – and he is demanding a paternity test.

A source tells Page Six The Mooch believes estranged wife Deidre Ball could have been impregnated by someone else while he was away building his now famously-failed political career for President Donald Trump.

Deidre, we are told, is horrified by the claim and insists the child is Scaramucci’s. And she has upped the stakes by hiring top Manhattan divorce attorneys Bernard Clair and Dan Rottenstreich from the powerful firm Cohen Clair Lans Griefer Thorpe & Rottenstreich LLP in order to make mincemeat of The Mooch in court.

A source exclusively told us, “Things are heating up in the divorce. He doesn’t believe that child is his.

“He is actually contesting the paternity of the newborn, which is the same as dropping a hand grenade into any divorce action and possible amicable resolution, and Deidre strongly rejects his claim.

“You don’t make that sort of claim unless you are nuts. He will be easily proven wrong.”

It should be noted he’s a total scumbag.

The source added that the paternity test had not been done yet, as it would be ordered by the judge presiding over the case in an upcoming hearing.





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