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Jim Carrey lied about herpes outbreak to his ex

According to a Dailymail exclusive, the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey told her therapist she wanted to ‘have it all stop’ as she struggled to eat and sleep while dealing with constant vomiting that was caused by the anxiety she was experiencing from her relationship with the actor.

That admission was made on July 18, 2003 and included in medical records from White’s doctors that have been subpoenaed by lawyers for both Carrey and White’s mother Brigid Sweetman in her wrongful death lawsuit against the actor.

Session notes and text messages obtained by that span from October 2012 to July 2013 reveal that Cathriona White had been seeing Carrey for just six months when he suddenly broke off the relationship, a move that came after White had been tested for STDs but before she had received her results.

The results came back positive soon after, and White told her therapist that she had contracted the STDs from Carrey, claiming that she questioned bumps on his genitals before her first outbreak but he dismissed them as irritation from shaving.

Text messages from White to Carrey show a similar exchange as well between the two at this time.

”These contemporaneous notes prove what we have said along and show what kind of person Carrey really is,’ Sweetman’s lawyer Michael Avennati told in a statement.

‘His claims of innocence relating to Ms. White are bogus and shameful.’

The notes from January 30 also reveal that White ‘wishes [Carrey] would marry her as her promised so that she can work and be more self-sufficient.’

That surprising admission came just 15 days after White wed estranged husband Mark Burton in Las Vegas.