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Condé Nast Freaks Over British Vogue Tell All

Publishing house Condé Nast has sicced lawyers on the site that published a dishy, tell-all interview with fired British Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers.

Chambers gave an extremely candid interview to Vestoj claiming to have been fired by new British Vogue Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful — though it’s common for new editors to assemble their own teams once they come on board.

She also admitted she hasn’t read Vogue in years.   Chambers says most fashion magazines have stopped being useful or empowering, with “ridiculously expensive” clothes and an stressful sense of exclusivity. “Most leave you totally anxiety-ridden, for not having the right kind of dinner party, setting the table in the right kind of way or meeting the right kind of people.”

Unafraid of turning the mirror on herself, Chambers noted that some of her own work was “really crappy” — and influenced by the advertiser-focused pressures that many major publications face. “The June cover with Alexa Chung in a stupid Michael Kors T-shirt is crap,” she said. “He’s a big advertiser so I knew why I had to do it. I knew it was cheesy when I was doing it, and I did it anyway.” (Cover seen below)

The lawyers insisted the piece be taken down, but the Vestoj would only remove a portion. The part with Chambers said she was fired, as it is Condé Nast’s claims she resigned.  I love it. All of it.