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Seinfeld and Kesha immortalized in Art: AWESOME

Days after the famed 63-year-old comedian rejected Kesha’s ask for a hug on the red carpet, the awkward moment has been immortalized in a sidewalk mural.

Australian artist, Lush, who has painted murals of Tiger Woods’ mugshot, Salt Bae and President Donald Trump on a missile, debuted the work over the weekend in Melbourne.

The artwork, in all its awkward glory, is now making the rounds across the internet.

Seinfeld later explained why he rejected the pop star’s offer for a hug. “I don’t hug total stranger,” he said. “I have to meet someone, say hello, I gotta start somewhere.”


@jerryseinfeld “No thanks.” @iiswhoiis : ? Photo by : @its_mike_larry

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