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Grateful Dead’s signature guitar could be yours at auction



Officially the Grateful Dead had no leader. But from the band’s origins in 1965 to his death 30 years later, Garcia was the best known member of a group which still evokes the excitement of American counterculture in the 1960s.

As well as ’60s psychedelia, the group’s albums show the influence of jazz, bluegrass, mainstream pop and even their early days as a jug band. But when they toured it was the lengthy jam sessions fans loved – and central to those was the Garcia guitar sound.

Devoted Deadheads identify five classic guitars which Garcia played at different times: Alligator, Rosebud, Lightning Bolt, Tiger and Wolf. The last two were auctioned together in 2002 and made more than $1.5m (£1.2m). Now Wolf is back at the same auction house to benefit the advocacy group the Southern Poverty Law Center.




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  • Poverty Law Center?
    Arent these the morons who also put Pepe the Frog or Kekistan on their nazi list like the morons at that professional jew lobby group and the wife of the rapist president?
    Considering the Dead were almost part and parcel of the Acid Test and the Merry Pranksters and part of what was a subversive culture that was despised by the establishment, its ironic that the guitar will go to fund morons who whink Pepe or Kek are some white nationalist movement.
    Do a-holes use Pepe in their memes as well? Yes but ANYONE can use it to their ends.
    just because neo-nazi and black lives matter idiots drink Pepsi doesnt mean everyone who drinks it is one too.
    Garcia had a wicked sense of humor and didnt mind thumbing his nose at the ‘man’, he’s probably rolling in his grave at the idea that these humourless twits are being funded by his guitar sale.