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More Frye Festival Accusations in law suit 2017-05-08 10-56-37


Ja Rule and Billy McFarland had no intention of throwing a first-class music festival … they knew it was going to be a disaster but figured they could screw a lot of people out of money before it became apparent … this according to accusations in new legal docs.

The class action suit that was filed against the festival as well as the organizers has grown to more than 300 strong, this according to attorney Mark Geragos, who filed the class action lawsuit. Geragos claims in new docs some of the concertgoers suffered from bacterial infections, heat exhaustion and other illnesses and area still undergoing treatment.

The lawsuit claims the festival was a front for a Ponzi scheme and the attendees were “unwitting pawns.” Typically, Ponzi schemes target the elderly but Geragos says this one was directed at “seemingly successful millennials.”

The suit demands $100 million in damages.