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Anti Trump art using horrible vintage ads

Every day another artist reaches their boiling point and unleashes their feelings about the current administration in the only way they know how.  With heroin. Jk.  With their art, of course.  The really brutal and powerful work like the Lynching Banner at Shainman Gallery in New York and the disturbingly silly work like the photo essay of look alikes living out Trump travesties.  And so so many more to come.

Saint Hoax, an anonymous artist who splits his time between Beirut and New York City, waited for National Women’s Day to release a number of ads, actually ridiculously misogynistic ads from the 1950’s, and replaced the ad copy with quotes made by the donald.

Even just looking at the images and knowing they were the part of a real campaign at one time. It’s just disturbing on it’s own.






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