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David Cassidy reveals dementia caused “drunken” display 2017-02-21 00-46-07

Decades before the Biebs, the pop god was David Cassidy.   And this weekend David Cassidy was on stage attempting to sing some of his classic hits (and lots of other mess) when video deos taken by fans showed the singer struggling to remember words to some of his old hits at small venue concerts in southern California on Saturday and Sunday. At one point he appeared to fall off the side of a small stage before climbing back up.

TMZ reported the singer was clearly intoxicated and the video seemed to really support that theory, no question.  Having fought with sobriety issues for years, Cassidy chose to come forward to clear the story up.

“I was in denial but a part of me always knew this was coming,” Cassidy said. The former Partridge Family singer and actor, 66, told People magazine he was fighting the same disease that afflicted his mother. Though his publicist said his comments were accurate but gave no further details.

Drinks and dementia aren’t his only problems, either.  In 2015 he had to auction his Florida home after a bankruptcy filing. He was arrested three times for drunken driving between 2010 and 2014, and was ordered to rehab.

Below is the footage TMZ posted.