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German minister: ban names like “vegetarian schnitzel” 2016-12-30 04-36-45


Germany’s agriculture minister has leapt to the defense of meat lovers, calling for a ban on names such as “vegetarian schnitzel” for meat-substitute products, which he said were misleading consumers.

Among the “wurst” offenders is “vegan curry sausage,” a meat-free take on a heavily spiced pork dish born of post-World War II necessity and now considered a delicacy in Berlin — though largely unknown outside Germany.

“These terms are completely misleading and unsettle consumers,” Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt told Germany’s Bild daily.

“I favor them being banned in the interest of clear consumer labeling,” he was quoted as saying.

Schmidt also wants to extending rules that govern the use of the terms “milk” and “cheese” to apply to meat as well, his spokesman said Wednesday.

“He considers names such as vegan curry sausage and so forth to be misleading to consumers,” Jens Urban told reporters.   But when asked whether the measures could also affect beefsteak tomatoes, Urban said that the ministry wasn’t aware of any “consumer confusion” about such products. lol.






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