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Top 10 shows of 2016 based on their ratings

The least effective way to choose a show is to go by the ratings. It means nothing to you and your personal tastes. And NOTHING about how good a show is.  With that said, it’s also a pretty interesting statistic. These are shows that had the highest number of viewers based on the old standard by Neilson Ratings.

This is also only broadcast television, (that means no netflix, amazon, etc), and no sports or news. Otherwise football would cover all 10 spots. I won’t allow that.  And now to the numbers.

In ascending order: 2016-12-22 02-09-11

Rank: 8 (tie)
Series: The Bachelor
Network: ABC
Rating: 3.0 2016-12-22 02-11-16

Rank: 8 (tie)
Series: Designated Survivor
Network: ABC
Rating: 3.0 2016-12-22 02-11-51

Rank: 8 (tie)
Series: Scandal
Network: ABC
Rating: 3.0 2016-12-22 02-13-34

Rank: 7
Series: The Voice
Network: NBC
Rating: 3.1 2016-12-22 02-14-28

Rank: 6
Series: America’s Got Talent
Network: NBC
Rating: 3.2 2016-12-22 02-14-59

Rank: 5
Series: Grey’s Anatomy
Network: ABC
Rating: 3.7 2016-12-22 02-15-53

Rank: 4
Series: This Is Us
Network: NBC
Rating: 4.4 2016-12-22 02-16-53

Rank: 3
Series: The X-Files
Network: Fox
Rating: 4.8 2016-12-22 02-17-41

Rank: 2
Series: Empire
Network: Fox
Rating: 5.1 2016-12-22 02-06-03

Rank: 1
Series: Big Bang Theory
Network: CBS
Rating: 5.4