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The EDC, Hand Spinner, Stuff 101 Post


I really didn’t know what to title this.   Often while looking for one thing online, I get side tracked checking what another thing is and then to another and down the rabbit hole I go.  Often I learn things I consider relevant and interesting. So here we are.

First of all, there is a thing called EDC. Everyday Carry.  It’s a community, it’s a lifestyle… frankly that its “a thing” is news to me. But we’re all qualified.

At the most literal level, your everyday carry is the core shit you carry with you in your pockets or in your bag on a daily basis.  They’re the things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door.   For women, a little more work might be involved narrowing down what essential.  While you may carry a make up bag with you every day, you may not consider it a necessity. It’s just convenient.   But what others claim to be necessity, I’ve learned, can be really smart or really stupid. Entirely in my opinion. But people have entire communities set up to sharing their EDC items and it really does have voyuer appeal.  For instance: 2016-12-11 20-22-03 2016-12-11 20-32-16 2016-12-11 20-30-38

You can see tons of posts (along with an explaination of everything you see) at

It’s also a good way to learn about new effective products.  Most recently I learned about “Hand Spinners”.   Old school, hand activated busy toys for all ages. They’re made from skateboard parts, 3d printers, old nuts and bolts, you name it. And on Etsy they can run from $6 – $65!  They’re just cool objects you pull out and twirl when you need to concentrate (so most iphone apps won’t do) but still want to fidget.  Like clicking a pen or twirling your hair.   You just hold it and spin it.

I’ve put a video at the bottom where a youtuber breaks down the more popular styles out there, but here are a few I thought we cool.  Great stocking stuffers!


Yomazer wood spinner. $19.99



Atom Wood Spinner $45



3d printed tri spinner  $8!!



Bronze – Fidget Hand Spinner  $32