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Crocodile Dundee Stars Look Way Different

So you might even tell me this is all old news to you. In which case, my apologies. Your time is valuable.  But as a teen in the 80’s I was front and center for the Paul Hogan era and was quite interesting.

Right off the bat I’m gonna tell you I didn’t even know Paul married his Dundee costar, Linda Kozlowski. Which is great b/c their chemistry is great in the movie(s).



But then I see that over the years, Linda has gone through some serious plastic surgery. Like to the point I don’t recognize her.  As is evident in the picture below showing Kozlowski in 2001 and then in 2012. It’s drastic. But it doesn’t stop there.



And then I found out that Linda and Paul divorced in 2014. Just before the did they were at an event in Australia and man o man… She’s like a different person than even two years back!  Oh well. I support people doing whatever they want with their bodies. I just hope she’s finally satisfied with the work.