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Hollywood Takes Their Children Trick or Treating !

Sure, at Halloween lots of celebrities put on skimpy outfits or some $300 rental and strut their shit all over NY and LA.  But I’ll take the celebrity toddler any day. Plus in many cases it’s one of the rare glimpses of the celebrities children.

NPH and his partner David are excellent at this costume game. Every. Single. Year.

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Harper and Gideon, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean


Melissa Joan Hart, Mark, Braydon, Mason, and Tucker Wilkerson


Alec Baldwin, Leonardo Baldwin, Rafael Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin and Carmen Baldwin, The Incredibles


Chrissy Teigen went bonkers and bought like 7 costumes for her little Luna. But hot dog and little red are my favorites. 2016-10-31 18-00-30 2016-11-01 00-37-16

Gisele Bunchen had this nugget of wisdom: “When your son wants to be Super Mario but no one wants to be Luigi. This is what you do.” 2016-11-01 00-37-48

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s kids have grown so much! Max and Emma are cute pokemon characters! 2016-11-01 00-47-46

Cindy Crawford with Husband Randy and kids Presley and Kaia are British punk rockers!


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel take their son Silas were Trolls. Sort of a movie promo/family event crossover.


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