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800 Human Sculptures Found In Creepy Japanese Village 2016-10-12 11-18-19

It’s like something out of a subtitled horror film!

Japanese photographer Ken Ohki who goes by the name Yukison was traveling in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, when he stumbled upon one of the creepiest arrays of human-like sculptures scattered around the village of Fureai Sekibutsu no Sato (The Village Where You Can Meet Buddhist Statues).

I felt like I’d accidentally stumbled into some forbidden area. Amazing,” writes Ken on his Twitter account. What he actually stumbled upon was a park with over 800 different stone statues carved in the likeness of Buddhist deities and people close to the park’s founder Mutsuo Furukawa. His idea was to make this park a popular tourist destination, where people would come to relax.  Ironic.

Some of the statues have a more lifelike quality than the others and they can really be startling.  They almost look frozen in time.