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Kanye Topples Popes Merch Record 2016-09-08 08-20-32

Kanye West. What can you say about the man who never stops doing and saying crazy things? Maybe acknowledge that people seem to respond to it. How else do you explain his record breaking merchandise sales at New Yorks Madison Square Garden Monday night?

Sources close to the 39-year-old rapper told TMZ that he sold $780,000 in souvenir gear at his Monday night show at the New York venue.  This beats the record set by Pope Francis last September by a whopping $240,000.

The Pontiff performed Mass at the New York City and sold merchandise including rosary beads, crucifixes and baseball caps featuring a dove of peace.  Kanye was selling more traditional fare however, with his merchandise featuring Saint Pablo tour hoodies, baseball caps and T-shirts.

I’m sure news of this has made Sir Yeezy even more insufferable than usual.