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Steve Jobs Auction More Like Crappy Yard Sale


If you know someone who’s a total Apple junkie, you can now get them their very own dirty old robe once worn by ibastard, Steve Jobs!

As TechCrunch reports, a whole wardrobe of the late Apple founder’s shirts, bowties, watches, ID badges and other tossed-off goods are currently up for auction.  I mean an actual set of keys that could be in any junk drawer in any home, but these once opened shit Jobs needed to access, hence the starting bid of $100.

Auction site, Juliens, touts itself as the “Auction House to the Stars”, and that must be true because they have a lock of Marilyn Monroe hair. ew.


A set of approximately 23 keys for various uses, with labels stating “Garage Apt. New Key,” “Well House Key,” “Steve’s Appt.” [sic] and “Upstairs Room. ”

Estimate: $400 – $600


A Christian Dior brand brown terrycloth bathrobe and a pair of Eltron brand electric razors owned by Steve Jobs.

Starting: $200



A group of 5 T-shirts owned by Steve Jobs: 4 T-shirts advertising the NeXT Company and 1 T-shirt commemorating the 1965 founding of the Stanford Computer Science Department. Mostly size L.

Estimate: $100 – $300