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Is Casper Smart Squatting In Jennifer Lopez’s House?

jennifer lopez casper smart

Apparently Jennifer Lopez got fed up with Casper Smart‘s childish antics (I’m totally guessing on that – who knows why it’s over?) and gave him his marching orders, but Casper isn’t ready to go back to having to get off his ass and earn his own money, so he’s hunkered down in J.Lo’s house and is refusing to leave.

From In Touch Weekly:

“He was refusing to move out of Jennifer’s house and even threatened legal action if Jennifer attempts to have the locks changed,” a source reveals to In Touch. “He won’t accept that the relationship is over.”

Further, according to the source, J.Lo feels the dancer is only eager to reconcile in order to gain access to her bank account again.

“She cut off all of his credit cards and access to a bank account she’d established for him,” the source continued. “She was very generous to Casper. Dating her has a lot of perks — private-jet travel, over-the-top vacations, attending only the best parties — so Jennifer questions whether he’s in love with her or her lifestyle.”

Alright, look – I’m not JLo’s biggest fan in the world, but she’s hot as hell, rich, moderately talented (or at least not a total flop) and could do way better. What the hell was she ever doing with this downgrade? I mean, I know anything’s better than Marc Rat-ony, but seriously? What the hell was she getting from this relationship? SMH.

It’s hard to get rid of a squatter, so let’s hope JLo’s got some heavyweight lawyers on hand. He’s gotta go!