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Airlander 10, Worlds Largest Airship, Takes Flight!

Airlander 10 is the world’s largest airship that can fly.  The huge blimp took off on its maiden flight in London on Wednesday, after technical issues stopped the original launch that should have taken place on Sunday.



Developed by Hybrid Air Vehicles, the Airlander is a hybrid of blimp, helicopter and airplane.  The aircraft’s actual purpose has not yet been determined. Though it’s likely first to be used for military purposes and delivering aid to war torn regions.

You might be wondering how long it will be before the common folk get a shot at riding in it.  Don’t hold your breath. The practicality isn’t really there for being a passenger craft. The monster ship only goes a max of 35 knots, or 40 miles per hour.  Not really travel worthy.  Although just taking a leisurely coast above your favorite city could be feasible. Assuming you can get a few hundred other people to go with you.


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  • Must be a slow gossip news day, huh? Also, nice stilted grammar.. “the world’s largest airship that can fly”.. well, we’re not really concerned with airships that CAN’T fly, are we?

    • Not so much a slow news day as we plan on bringing more than gossip to the site. So you will see more items of general interest and less Kardashian. At least from me.