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Meryl Streep Wants Amy Schumer To Play Her In A Movie

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I absolutely worship Meryl Streep and have since I was a kid, and I like Amy Schumer….’s Comedy Central show (I can take her or leave her off-camera sometimes, though I do find her generally enjoyable). Anyway, my point is, while both women are great in their respective fields, I wouldn’t necessarily ever put them in the same realm, but if Meryl has her way, that would all change. You see, Meryl thinks Amy would be perfect to play her if there was ever a movie made about her life. Say what?

Meryl’s doing the press rounds in support of her new movie, Florence Foster Jenkins (which looks so good, given the real story behind the movie), and she stopped by The Huffington Post to answer a few questions. One of those questions was who she’d want to play her in a movie about her life, and her answer was, “Amy Schumer, of course.” Of course?

Obviously Amy is talented and funny and I like that Meryl didn’t go for some stereotypical Hollywood mega-actress, but it just seems an odd choice. I’m not against it – in fact, I’d actually love to see a movie of this… it just seems totally out of left field.

What do you think? Good pick? Amy herself seems into it!