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The People Versus Kristin Cavallari – Child Starver?

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Barely famous reality star Kristin Cavallari, from an era where reality stars were a big deal, before social media stars took away all the eyeballs, caused some controversy on social media by posting a picture of her skinny backed kid.

People were calling the kids malnourished. Mom Shaming, or is it Child Body Shaming, giving these kids a complex, making them turn to the burger. This is like skinny girls being told to “eat a sandwich”. Social Media is so mean.

You see, she probably feeds her kids organic fruits and vegetables, which in America is a crazy concept and they think more fat is a good thing.

What they don’t realize is that the ANTI VAXXER does feed her kids, it’s the BLACK PLAGUE / POLIO and MEASLES that are keeping him down and not letting him hold down all that kale..

Ultimately, who cares about how other people’s kids. This is just an example where social media is wasting all of our energy, but more importantly, that everyone is a judgemental asshole with mean spirited intentions, who pretends they aren’t. Humans!