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Where Was I When Megan Fox Announced She Was Pregnant Again?

megan fox

I feel like the last I’d heard from Megan Fox, she had split from husband Brian Austin Green and was living it up as a mom of two young boys but remaining on good terms from her ex and that was that. But apparently they’re back together and she’s pregnant again — and expecting another son, at that. When did this happen? What rock have I been living under? Is it just that no one really cares about Megan Fox anymore?

Here’s what Megan’s dad Franklin apparently told The Daily Mail (so take that with a grain of salt):

“Megan is an amazing mom and I can’t believe she is going to have three boys. Becoming a grandfather has been a wonderful experience and brought us all even closer together.”

“All I can say is [Megan and Brian] are together and they are happy. I’ve met Brian a tonne of times now and he is a great guy. I am the grandfather of her two gorgeous boys and now she has another boy on the way. I couldn’t be prouder of the woman my little girl has become.”

Apparently they were all but divorcing until she found out she was pregnant, which then got them back on track again and things are going great? Yikes. Can someone say band-aid baby? Their other two boys are only 2 and 3 years old, so adding a newborn into the mix is definitely going to be yet another test for their relationship. But who knows, maybe they really have worked it out, and if so, good for them and best of luck.


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