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What’s Amy Poehler Using So Much Water On?

I don’t live in LA so I’m probably wrong about this, but I feel like, generally speaking, the southern half of California is pretty much always in the midst of a drought, or at least awaiting another drought and therefore trying to conserve water. Rich people in LA use a shit ton of water, and even though authorities have vowed to issue fines for excessive water usage, some of them really don’t give AF and do it anyway. However, Amy Poehler‘s water usage last summer was… a bit beyond comprehension, and inquiring minds want to know: what the hell did she use all that water on?

From Gawker:

According to the Los Angeles Times, Poehler—who is reportedly single and has two children—used 170,000 gallons of water between May and July last summer. That averages out to about 2,786 gallons of water a day; for context, the national average for a family of four is about 400 gallons, according to the EPA.

A lot of people in the comments have guessed that she probably had a leak somewhere in her system that she didn’t know about, and that does seem like the likeliest culprit, but WTF? How is that even possible? Even if you had an acre of beautiful green grass that needed watering and two swimming pools, you wouldn’t use that much. Something very strange is going on here! Not anything strange enough to care much about beyond reading this article (though water conservation is a serious thing, so I’m not belittling that!), but you know.

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