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Is Richard Simmons Being Held Hostage By His Housekeeper?

richard simmos

Have you ever sat around thinking to yourself recently, “You know what, I wonder what Richard Simmons is up to lately?” If so, you’ll be horrified to learn that it seems like he may be in some serious trouble. In fact, it seems like his housekeeper may be keeping him prisoner in his own house! What?!

According to the New York Post, Richard’s friends and family are pretty sure his maid Teresa Reveles is a witch who’s using her magic to control him. Here’s the general gist, courtesy of Jezebel:

This is a story that features a number of colorful characters: Mauro Oliveira, a Brazilian orphan who grew up to be a masseuse and confidante to the rich and powerful Simmons (and who I’m convinced might be the real-life Brazilian version of Pip from Great Expectations), Simmons’ mysterious brother Lenny, who proves to be pretty slap-happy when it comes to restraining orders, and Teresa Reveles, the maid-in-question, and who Oliveira accuses of being an actual witch.

Basically, Oliveira also believes that Richard has been having some kind of a meltdown since 2014 and in the Post piece describes the last time he saw his friend in person, and it didn’t go well:

“Richard Simmons opened his front door, frail and trembling. Mauro Oliveira, a visual artist who was also Simmons’ masseur and former assistant, greeted him on the front porch, concerned about his friend. After receiving an ominous phone call from Simmons, Oliveira had driven his truck to the Hollywood Hills, past the two metal gates that Simmons had left ajar for him, and into the driveway. He reached the porch through the white columns that recalled an antebellum Southern mansion, and past Simmons’ bronze statue of a regal Dalmatian.

Wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, a gaunt Simmons led Oliveira through the foyer, and into the living room. ‘Mauro, we can no longer see each other,’ Simmons told him in a quiet, defeated voice.

‘What’s going on, Richard?’ Oliveira asked. ‘Why are you saying that?’

‘I don’t know,’ Simmons replied. ‘I just want to be by myself, and I want to be in the house, and we’re never going to see each other again.’”

Finally, Simmons let Oliveira in the house (though he really didn’t want to), and he says that Richard basically confirmed that the housekeeper was behind all of it.

“’Let’s talk it over,’ Oliveira said. ‘I want to sit here, and make sure you’ll be OK. Let’s go upstairs, I’ll give you a massage and relax you.’

Simmons called up to Teresa Reveles, his live-in housekeeper of nearly three decades. ‘Mauro is going upstairs with me,’ he said.

‘No, no, no!’ Reveles shouted from the second floor, according to Oliveira. ‘Get out! Get out!’

Oliveira looked at his friend, who told him in a soft voice, ‘You’ve gotta go.’

Oliveira leaned in toward Simmons. Is she controlling your life now?’

As Oliveira tells it, Simmons looked down, and with one resigned word confirmed his worst suspicions: ‘Yes.’ This was the last time he saw his friend.’”

Yikes. WHAT is going on, and why won’t anyone help Richard Simmons?!