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Kelly Clarkson Says She Was Blackmailed Into Working With Dr. Luke

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It’s been interesting to see the divide in the music industry since Kesha spoke out about her alleged sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of pop producer Dr. Luke. While many big name stars like Lady Gaga and even Adele have spoken out in support of Kesha, so many more have kept quiet so as not to alienate themselves in the industry. Even Sony Music is turning a blind eye to the allegations. Whether they’ll be able to now that Kelly Clarkson has revealed her dealings with him, solidifying Kesha’s story even further, remains to be seen.

During an interview on KIIS FM The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Clarkson said, “He’s not a good person to me. We’ve clashed. I can’t really say anything other than that.”

While she obviously couldn’t comment on Kesha’s experience with Dr. Luke, she did feel confident enough to “remark on his character”, saying, “Unfortunately, that poor of character – I mean so many artists don’t like you, don’t like working with you – that’s not normal.

“[He’s]just not a good guy to me, [but] he’s a talented dude.”

“He just lied a lot … I’ve run into a couple really bad situations. Musically, it’s been really hard for me because he will just lie to people and it makes the artist look bad. And he’s kind of difficult to work with, he’s kind of demeaning.”

“Even the last time I worked with him I only worked with him because literally I got blackmailed by my label,” Clarkson said. “They were like, ‘We will not put your album out if you don’t do this.'”

Yikes! This whole thing is a disaster, but good for Kelly for speaking out against a figure that, for some inexplicable reason, is still being protected by the industry. It’s seriously fucked up.