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Demi Lovato Gives Twitter Lessons On Feminism & She Makes A Good Point

There’s been a whole lot of talk going on in the music industry (and beyond, obviously) following Kesha‘s terrible legal outcome in court on Friday, in which she failed to gain freedom from Sony Music and her alleged rapist, Dr. Luke. Many celebrities have come out in support of the #freekesha campaign, but there are also plenty of others — many of whom have proclaimed to be feminists when it was advantageous for them to use the label — who have remained silent. Taylor Swift is just one of them; Katy Perry is another, but there are many more, too. And Demi Lovato is not here for the bullshit.

Posting on her Twitter page early Sunday morning, Demi took us all to church as she spoke out on the importance of women stepping out of their comfort zones in support of other women instead of just pretending they’re all pro-female when it helps their careers. Tell ’em, Demi!

Demi knows what’s up. The one downside to this whole thing is that it seems to be becoming a bit of a competition between female popstars on who can be the most vocal and shade the non-vocal ones for not speaking up. I do think bullshit like that needs to be called out, but we run the risk of this turning into a girl fight rather than being about not only protecting an artist and a woman from her abuser and protecting her freedom of creativity, but also taking attention away from the real pieces of shit here, Sony and Dr. Luke. And I’m not here for that.