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Daniel Day-Lewis Has A Lookalike Son & He’s Cute As Hell

I’m basically as gay as they come and am only interested in the ladies, but I can appreciate an attractive man (what my mother would refer to as a “fine lookin’ honey”) when I see one. Such is certainly the case with Daniel Day-Lewis‘ 20-year-old son Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis (what?), who made his public “debut” or whatever at the Burberry Menswear show this past week with David Beckham‘s son Brooklyn Beckham. Both boys are burgeoning models, duh, but hot damn, if Gabe (yes, we’re on a nickname basis now) isn’t perfect for the job.

If you don’t know much about DDL, Gabriel’s mother is Isabelle Adjani, who’s also gorgeous, so this kid got lucky in the gene pool all around. He’s already signed to IMG models, so I don’t think he’ll have any trouble finding work/staying rich for the rest of his life, so I guess good for him?

Brooklyn Beckham already has a modeling contract, as well, so he’s another one that will basically never have to work (well, work in a real job like the rest of us) for the rest of his life. He’s only 16 and is already richer than probably any of us will ever be in life, put together. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Nooooo…

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