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Adele Breaks Records And Makes History With Latest Album Sales


Call Adele butter, ’cause she’s on a goddamn roll. Not only did Billboard name her album, 21, the greatest album of all time, but she’s just made history again with her latest album, 25,  by selling 3.38 million copies in the US alone in her first week of sales. What does that mean and why is that a big deal? Here’s more from Forbes:

That is by far and away the largest first week sales figure of all time in America. Before Adele, the record for the most copies moved in the first week of availability was held by ‘NSYNC. Back in 2000, the boy band was able to sell 2.4 million copies of their album No Strings Attached, and since then, no artist has even been able to hit the 2 million mark.

[…] Not only did Adele match and then best ‘NSYNC’s legacy, but she blew past their all-time record and ended up almost one million copies ahead of them. She is now the only person in history to hit 3 million copies sold in one week, and with the way album sales are declining year after year, it is highly probable that her newly-set record will never be broken.

It is indeed a big deal, especially (as Forbes pointed out) in an era where people aren’t buying as many albums as they used to. Although I don’t necessarily agree with Forbes’ position that because album sales are on the decline, “it is highly probably that her newly-set record will never be broken” — because 1. can we really say “never”? I mean, really? and 2. maybe this is the beginning of a resurgence of buying albums and records again (as opposed to owning them in a digital medium). Or maybe Adele really is THAT good. Maybe I’m talking out my ass. What do I know? Not much.

I do know this — I am glad Adele broke this record and not that ass bucket Bieber. At least Adele has unmistakable talent and a fun personality.

I still don’t know one real person in my life who bought a copy of her record, but you know what? That doesn’t mean anything. Adele is real. Bruno Mars, however…that is a big fucking conspiracy. Bruno Mars is not real. Bruno Mars does not exist. Don’t let the government fool you. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

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