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Jared Leto Gives Pie To Pissed Off Neighbors

jared leto

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have the traditional pumpkin pie? Did yours come from Jared Leto? If it did, you’re likely one of the many neighbors he pissed off lately by having an unruly Halloween party. In this regard, Jared Leto is truly the Justin Bieber of Laurel Canyon. Basically, Leto clogged up the streets by throwing a massive party that, according to TMZ, “wreaked havoc.” I mean, I get it, parking in Laurel Canyon is annoying enough without having to deal with a celebrity’s event. Especially if those invited to said event are assholes to the neighbors.

So Leto tried to make right by sending everyone a pumpkin pie from Whole Foods. Here’s a photo from TMZ, because of course.

jared leto pumpkin pie

Oh God damnit, now I want some pumpkin pie. There had better be some leftover in the fridge right now.

I think if Jared Leto gave me a pie, I’d forgive him. Would YOU?

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