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Kylie Jenner & Tyga Finally Broke Up, To No One’s Surprise

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Raise your hand if you’re surprised to hear the news that Kylie Jenner and Tyga have finally broken up! No one? No? I didn’t think so. The fact that a child – because let’s be honest, Kylie only just turned 18 and probably has the mental capacity of someone at least 8 years younger than that – and a 26-year-old “man” would be hopelessly in love in a way that would last forever was ridiculous, and thankfully, now it seems to be over.

The culprit seems to be some alleged cheating on Tyga’s behalf, which wouldn’t be the first time since he was caught with that transsexual model a while back. Apparently Kylie saw some messages or photos or something on his computer and became furious and now they’re dunzo.

“Kylie ended it with Tyga when she got back from Australia,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells, adding that something made Kylie suspicious that her boyfriend cheated on her while she was out of the country. Kylie then went looking for any kind of sign or evidence that Tyga was unfaithful while she was Down Under.

Sadly, she found what she was looking for. Kylie discovered “something on his computer that made it clear that he had dome something wrong,” the insider tells Thisdiscovery devastated Kylie, but Tyga swears that despite what Kylie found, he’s innocent.

“Tyga is denying he did anything wrong,” the source tells, adding that Tyga is telling everyone “they are just taking a moment and they will be fine.” It doesn’t look like that they’re going to be fine. Kylie reportedly ended things with Tyga when he allegedly facetimed a stripper. After the texts Tyga sent to his ex, Blac Chyna, and the reported affair with porn starMia Isabella, this was too much for Kylie to take.

MESS. So much mess, I don’t even know where to begin. Looks like Tyga just lost his meal ticket as quickly as Kylie lost her virginity.

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  • Maybe it is because I can’t pick up women easily, but I just don’t understand why people cheat on their mates. If you want to play the field, just stay single. If you can’t even stay faithful while your girl/boy friend is away for a few weeks, you are not mature enough to have one.

  • I’m still not convinced this was a genuine relationship. KK got a lot of shock value and publicity from this and there is a blind item on another site hinting that she is actually with her body guard, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone in this family is capable of telling the truth. I’m also pretty sure that Kourtney will be pregnant by Scott Dwhatevernick soon as well. Poor children of a thoroughly disfunctional family.

  • Why bring up her virginity? I thought you were a feminist. Teenagers have sex, and if it is consensual, it should be an issue.
    Not to mention, teenage boys are immature, so I don’t think its so absurd to be with someone older than you. I get that it’s illegal, but honestly, it’s not that terrible of a crime.

  • Kylie is not a child though, and Tyga is far from a “grown ass man”
    She grew up too fast for sure, but she is still capable of making her own decisions regarding her sex life.

    How many older women do you think Justin Beiber had sex with before he turned 18?
    If you don’t have a problem with that, then you can’t pretend to have a problem with this.