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Justin Bieber Didn’t Want To Be Anywhere Near Charlie Sheen On ‘Today’ Show

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Yesterday, Charlie Sheen appeared on the Today Show to confirm speculation that he is indeed HIV positive and to clear up some misconceptions around his diagnosis and health status. Also appearing on Today yesterday was Justin Bieber, who insisted that his dressing room be nowhere near Charlie’s for reasons unknown.

“Justin’s team has requested the dressing room away from Charlie,” a show insider tells Radar. “They want to make sure he’s as far away from Charlie as possible.”

As Radar reported, 50-year-old Sheen has been suffering from HIV for the past four years, and he’s currently facing multiple accusations that he hid his status from sex partners with whom he often didn’t wear protection.

Now, “Justin wants nothing to do with Charlie,” said the source.

Justin did learn in his homeschool celebrity child tutoring sessions that you can’t catch HIV by sharing a room with someone or being within 50 feet of them, right? I mean, obviously there’s still a stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, but this just seems like such asshole behavior. I mean, that sounds exactly like some ignorant bullshit that Justin would do, but still.

I don’t think Charlie Sheen is some hero for coming out and being honest about his diagnosis – he did it because he was tired of paying out millions of dollars to the people who were extorting him by threatening to reveal his HIV status and because he was pretty much already found out, anyway. Still, I think every human being deserves to be treated with some amount of dignity. It’s 2015, not 1980. Bieber is indicative of an attitude that still prevails surrounding HIV/AIDS in a lot of people, and it’s a shame.

That being said, some other “sources” have claimed that the above report is untrue and that Justin wasn’t even there on Tuesday and that his segment was pre-taped (which there was no indication of when it aired), so take it as you will.

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  • Well, you can’t be too careful with HIV, I mean you can catch that shit through walls – how do you think Charlie got it, he watched an old Rock Hudson film, that’s how…………jalso, suggestion, can we just call Beiber ‘that twat’?

  • he may not be able to catch hiv thru walls, but sheens reputation is like a black hole. Takes a twat to know a twat I guess

  • Justin Bieber may be a douche, but Charlie Sheen is a true scumbag. I wouldn’t want to be any where near him either, HIV or no HIV. Unprotected sex with people without telling them he has HIV? Like I said, SCUMBAG.

    • Hey my name is Adam and I agree with Justin Bieber people are not be spreading that b******* around HIV is a serious deadly disease