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Blake Shelton Is A Hero After Saving Men Stranded On River

blake shelton

Country singer, The Voice coach, Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend… is there anything Blake Shelton can’t do? Apparently not, and this weekend he added the title of Hero to his name after he saved a group of men stranded on the Washita River in Ardmore, Oklahoma on Friday. The guys had been driving near the river when their truck got stuck in a mudhole, where they were stranded for about two hours before Blake came to their rescue.

“Me and my buddies were checking out the river, when some of my buddies [accidentally] slid into a big mud hole and got stuck for about two hours,” Bryar Blanton told Entertainment Tonight of the incident. “Me and [my friend] Adrian started walking down the road [looking for help] and Blake and his dog, Betty, stopped and picked us up in his truck.”

Blanton’s cousin Lenyell and other close family friend Josh were the two who were trapped in the mudhole.

“Then, we went back to the river and he [Blake] tried to get them out with his truck,” Bryar continued. “He couldn’t do it, so he said he would be back in 15 minutes with his tractor. I was just like, ‘Heck yeah!’ and asked him for a photo with us. He lives about 45 minutes from me.”

Blake has always seemed like a pretty decent dude, so I’m not surprised that he helped these guys out. He was also nice enough to pose for a photo with them after the rescue, as well:

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