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Bindi Irwin Won’t Get Her ‘DWTS’ Money Until She Proves Steve Irwin Is Dead

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Bindi Irwin is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars, and doing a pretty good job at it, at that. She’s only 17, but she’s racking up a nice amount of money from the show. The only problem is, she can’t have any of that money until a judge is satisfied that her father is actually dead. Sound weird? Let me explain.

Since Bindi is underage, her mother signed a certificate waiving any rights to the money Bindi makes on the show. A California judge wants the same from Steve Irwin, who, as we all know, died back in 2006. It’s unclear if the judge is an idiot and doesn’t realize this or if he’s just being a stickler for the law, but uh, Bindi is going to have to produce a death certificate in order for her DWTS contract to be ruled valid.

From TMZ:

We’re told lawyers for the show will do what it takes to get the judge to sign off. When she does, here’s Bindi’s deal:

— a guarantee of $125k

— by making it to weeks 3 and 4 she gets an additional $10k per week

— week 5 gets her another $15,000

— weeks 6 and 7 she gets $20k a week

— weeks 8 and 9 she gets $30k a week

— and if she makes it to 10 and 11 she gets $50,000 a week

Bindi has made it through week 8, so her total so far is $230k, and still going strong.

Damn. This is something that’s fixed easily enough, but it’s still kind of shitty that the judge is being so difficult. Is this kind of thing commonplace, or is the judge just an asshole? (That’s a legit question.) Either way, let’s hope Bindi gets her money. I don’t watch DWTS at all because it bores me to tears, but I hear she’s doing well on it, so good for her.

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  • No wonder why has-been talent wants to get on this show so badly. My girl Thelma from Good Times has been campaigning for 4 years or more and she does know how to sing and dance. And they won’t even give her a whiff.