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Kylie Jenner Thinks She’s An Inspiration To Young Girls Everywhere

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Kylie Jenner is, in many ways, a typical teenage girl. She’s self-obsessed, self-critical, and will go to extreme lengths to seem popular in hopes that getting external praise will squash her insecurities. Obviously, she’s different from most teenage girls in that she has millions upon millions of dollars at her disposal, has been dating a grown man since she was a child, and has had more plastic surgery than any of us will likely have in our lives, all before her 18th birthday. Still,she doesn’t see it that way – in fact, she thinks she’s the perfect person to inspire young girls around the world.

From TIME magazine’s Most Influential Teens issue:

How would you describe your talents to someone who doesn’t get it?
I just want to inspire my fans to be whoever they want to be, because that’s what I’ve always done. And they know that. I’ve been experimenting with my hair, with my lip colors. I have green hair one week, blue hair the other. I’m Gothic another week. I’m always experimenting and trying to figure out who I am and exactly what I want to be. I feel like it inspires them to be exactly who they want to be.

Have things like the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” [when thousands of social-media users tried to mimic Jenner’s cosmetically enhanced lips using at-home suction tricks, often with shot glasses] made you change your approach to social media?
It has. With the shot glasses thing, that wasn’t even my influence, because I didn’t ever pick up a shotglass; that was a trend before my name was attached to it. Then people just started calling it the Kylie Jenner lip thing. I went on social media and said I was not down for this, I don’t approve of this. So weird. But I started taking a different approach a couple of months ago. I felt like bullying was my thing, and I’m passionate about it, and I want to help other young girls and boys going through the same thing. I felt like I could be—I don’t want to say a “leader,” but I could be. I’m going through the same thing you are, so we can go through it together.

Is that why you started #IAmMoreThan, your anti-bullying campaign?
Pretty much. I thought of the idea because, almost my whole life, since I was nine, since I’ve been in the spotlight, that comes with so much bullying and attacking. Everything I do, there’s a huge light on it. I’m okay with that because it is what it is, it comes with the lifestyle. [But] it has still affected me a lot. I wanted to take a different approach and pretty much let other people that I found who’ve been through bullying and overcome it, to use my platform and just kind of bring awareness to it.

Look, in a way I feel bad for the kid because she never really had a chance. Look at the women she has in her life as role models. What else was going to happen? You don’t grow up with sisters and a mother who basically have a plastic surgeon on speed dial because of their insecurities and come out with a healthy sense of your own self-esteem. No, you sorta end up the same way. How Kendall got out alive, I’ll never know.

That being said, I think we can all agree that Kylie is NO role model, and if she is, that’s REALLY sad.

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