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Ariana Grande’s New Single ‘Focus’ Is Here & It’s Something Else — VIDEO

ariana grande focus video still

I don’t know if any of you even pay attention to anything Ariana Grande does, like, ever. I don’t, really – she looks like she’s 12 and that weirds me out since she’s technically a grown woman, but she is indeed a big pop star and we should know what she’s up to. Well, today she released a new single called “Focus”, as well as the video for the track, and it’s really… something else.

It’s not terrible, of course – it’s your standard pop fare – but it’s a bit too loud/has too much going on in it to be too enjoyable. That guy’s voice on the chorus is completely unnecessary and super distracting. However, it seems some Ariana fans are into it, as per this enthusiastic YouTube comment:

arian grande focus

Yikes. Anyway, here’s the video for you to watch and enjoy – what do you think?

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