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Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Are Dunzo Again

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been Hollywood’s golden couple, at least among the millennial set. They’re cute together, they’re cute on their own, they seem like nice people, and they were never super showy about their relationship, all of which put them miles ahead 99% of their peers and made them super likable. They’ve been together for ages, but they broke up for a while earlier this year, only to get back together a month or so later. However, it seems they think their first breakup should have stuck, because now they’ve split again, and this time is probably for good.

A source tells PEOPLE that they broke up a few months ago, revealing: “There was no drama, they’ve been apart while working. They still care about each other.”

“They still have love for one another. They are on good terms with each other and remain close,” the source adds.

Right, so there’s no bad blood, it just didn’t work out because they’re working too much and have to travel too much for relationship. How can ANY Hollywood couple last, then? If the distance separates you, you’ve either fallen out of love because you never see anyone to keep that feeling alive, or you probably are looking to sleep with someone else. Either is whatever in this case, obviously, since we don’t know them, but I actually liked them together.

Bets on whether or not they end up getting back together again?

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