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Jeremy Renner Clarifies His Stance On The Hollywood Wage Gap

jeremy renner

Earlier this week, Jeremy Renner gave us a refresher course on how to be a complete and total asshole in the form of his comments to Business Insider about the Hollywood wage gap. While his American Hustle co-star Jennifer Lawrence had spoken out against the bullshit fact that women get paid less than men in movies for the same amount of work, Renner wasn’t all that interested in it. After all, it’s “not his job” and he has better things to do with his time, like concentrate on his “craft”. He was rightly called out as the asshole he is after those comments, but Renner decided he’s gotten the short end of the stick on this one and decided to take to his Instagram page to clarify things.

A media spin clarification brought to you by yours truly ?. #jlaw #equality #bridgethegap have a great weekend!!!

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What kinda bullshit liberal arts intern did he hire to write (and shoddily screencap) this shit? “We are all one”? I mean, it’s a bit elementary, don’t you think? And sure, Renner supports equal pay, but just don’t ever ask him about it again or expect him to actively voice that, because it’s just not his job and he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Sorry, Jeremy, you’re still an asshole – there’s no amount of money that will get you around that one, I’m afraid.

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