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Sienna Miller Denies Coming Between Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie On ‘Lost City Of Z’ Set

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I feel like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are pretty solid as a couple, but that doesn’t mean the tabloids don’t like to drum up bullshit just to have a story to print, and one of their latest piles of crap claim that Sienna Miller was trying to get all up on Brad while he was producing Lost City Of Z/em>, which Sienna stars in. Obviously that’s boloney, but Sienna wanted to set the record straight… sort of?

From The Independent:

“I haven’t really read too much about it, but break it down, let’s clear it up,” she said.

“So the truth about that rumour is that Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped but I haven’t seen him. He’s not been to the set, he’s a producer on the film and I’ve met him twice. And yeah, it’s insane.”

Poor Sienna – she’ll never shake that homewrecker label ever since the whole Jude Law thing, and we’re going more than a decade back with that. Also, I love that we still live in a world that it’s always the woman’s fault – she’s always the one “coming between” a man and his partner, because the man is totally blameless and has no free will. Such bullshit, but no surprise. I mean, I don’t give a shit about Sienna Miller either way, but I do care about how women are treated, and she’s gotten the short end of the stick over the years, to say the least.

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