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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Run For President In 2020

lindsay lohan

This is, unfortunately, not a drill or a joke. Lindsay Lohan, the former actress turned tabloid fodder, has expressed interest in running for president. Not in any official capacity, of course, but via Instagram, which is basically Lohan’s equivalent of a public announcement. I guess she was inspired by the likes of Kanye West and Donald Trump, and her candidacy would be equally as much of a joke, so there’s that.

This comment was likely made in a moment of drunkenness/highness/whatever the hell else Lindsay Lohan does, but who knows, maybe she was just high on life and the thought of political progress? The sad thing is, I bet you there are a bunch of idiots who would troll the polls to vote for her. Hopefully not enough to give her any real credence (I don’t think even idiots are that dumb), but still…

What do you think about the prospect of President Lohan? And while I don’t think she’s at all serious about this, would it even be possible for her to run for political office when she’s a convicted felon?

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  • My state has a governor whose company embezzled $1.5 billion from Medicare and his board gave him $300 million to go away which he used part of to buy his election. In any case there is an age limit for POTUS and she wont quite be there in 2020 so the world is still safe.

  • Funny I was thinking the other day whatever happened to old Lohan and bang there she is just as ridiculous as ever. Funny how you can vote at 18 but you have to be 35 to run for President?