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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Broke Up Over His Thai Massage

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Well, we all knew this day was coming sooner or later, and frankly, I’m shocked that it didn’t come before now. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were the weirdest match possibly ever, and I have no idea how they ever even got together, particularly since Calvin told the press before they ever met that Taylor wasn’t his type. Was it about money? Fame? Exposure? All three? Who knows, but now it’s over, and it’s all because Calvin visited that Thai massage parlor for his happy ending a few weeks back.

From Radar Online:

Though he has a net worth of more than $110 million, the spot advertises it services for as little as $40 — and an insider said Swift was immediately suspicious about happened.

But, “when the photos got posted on RadarOnline, Taylor said to him, ‘What the f**k?!” the insider said.

According to the insider, Harris, 31, “has his own masseuse, on staff.”

But rather than come clean about what really happened, the insider claimed, “He lied to her. He gave some bullish*t excuse that his masseuse was sick and he needed his shoulder worked on.”

That wasn’t good enough for Swift, 25, who gave him the boot for good “about a week ago,” according to the source. Harris briefly attempted to change her mind, “begging that she let him meet her at her first Nashville show,” said the source.

“He wanted to fly in to see her and repair things, but her assistant called and gave him a firm ‘No.’ Instead he went to Vegas with his bros,” the source said.

LOL, who gives these quotes?! He went to Vegas with his “bros”? Yikes.

On one hand, good for Taylor for not putting up with any bullshit from men and pulling the plug on this before it went any further (even if she never should have put the plug in to begin with). On the other hand, Calvin is more concerned about “defamation of character” over people saying he pays for hand jobs than he is about the fact that he lost his girlfriend.

While Swift’s PR person (one of them, anyway) has told everyone not to believe Radar Online, pretty much every major news source has picked this up, and PR people lie all the time, so… The last time TSwift and Calvin were photographed together was over 6 weeks ago, so there’s that, as well.

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  • Anyone who quotes Radaronline is just a hack. They have no sources and is making up BS. Calvin goes to Vegas because has a contract for work that pays him up to 400,000/ per night

  • Taylor and Calvin see each other whenever both aren’t doing shows and are not working. They are practically living together when both are free. This blog knows nothing. I am laughing.

  • I would be certain to allow Taylor to administer any services this Thai masseuse was gonna do. She’s smokin’ hot, and super nice, so if the only fault left is she’s not good in the sack I’d fix that.. But as the last commenter noted, perhaps they’re still together..