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Britney Spears Isn’t Leaving Las Vegas Just Yet

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Last month, Britney Spears admitted in an interview that she was already getting tired of her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and was thinking of leaving. The show is one of the highest selling in Vegas history and is an easy way for someone who’s – come on, let’s face it – not very musically talented to make a shit ton of money without having to deal with the stresses of constant touring and performing live (you know half of it is lip synced), plus she gets to be close to her kids and not have to uproot them, as well. It’s basically a pretty good deal any way you slice it, and Brit Brit realizes it now. In other words, she’s not leaving Vegas just yet.

From E! News:

The pop princess just announced during her show at The Axis at Planet Hollywood that she has signed a new deal to extend her residency.

Spears, 33, told me exclusively earlier today how excited she is about continuingBritney: Piece of Me.

“I’m not ready to leave Vegas yet! And I just really really love this show and this city,” she said. “I’m so proud of the show, and my band, my dancers and my crew have all become such a family to me. When it came down to me really having to make this decision, I just couldn’t imagine ending my residency at the end of this year.”

And even if you’ve seen the show already, be prepared to book another trip to Sin City because Brit has some new ideas in the works. “I definitely have some major changes planned. I’m getting together with my team this week to go over the set list, design some new costumes and dream up new props,” she said. “There are a few songs that are fan favorites that I really want to add to the show. It’s very exciting! If you haven’t seen the current show yet, you should come out before the end of the year.”

There ya go. You still have time to go see her “live”, if that’s your dream!

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  • I love her and I think she is still really hot but I hate what she is wearing why do they wear the ?? granny panty onesy? and yet she’s still sexy