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Diddy Won’t Face Charges After UCLA Altercation


You may remember a few months back when Diddy was arrested for allegedly assaulting the UCLA football coach who dared not to treat Diddy’s son like a special snowflake. The teenager, Justin, had been skipping practices and generally being a little shit, and his coach refused to put up with it, leading Diddy to pick up a kettlebell and beat the coach with it to… I don’t know, teach him a lesson? Get his own way? Whatever the case, Diddy has somehow managed to avoid charges in this case.

As TMZ reported, Diddy got extremely angry after his son Justin was sent home from football practice by Sal Alosi, the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the team.

Diddy and his son went back to the school where things got hot and the mogul allegedly swung a kettlebell at the coach.

Sources familiar with the case tell us, the L.A. City Attorney will conduct an informal office hearing where Diddy will appear, accompanied by his lawyer, Mark Geragos, and others involved in the incident. The hearing is set for October 15th.

The hearing officer could simply warn Diddy not to fly off the handle again, or he could ask him to attend a few anger management classes.

This is a big victory for Diddy. Remember, he was arrested for felony aggravated assault and making terrorist threats. The D.A. previously rejected the felony case.

Gotta love the law! Someone can have tons of prior offenses and clearly be guilty of a crime and still walk away with nothing more than a slap to the wrist. Ain’t life grand?

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