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Jennifer Lawrence Is Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t just the BFF you wish you had, she’s also the highest paid woman in Hollywood and therefore rich as hell. According to Forbes, JLaw banked $52 million pre-tax in 2014, which is no small chunk of change. She’s miles ahead of Scarlett Johansson, who’s in the number two spot with $35.5 million. Uh, either of these ladies want to write me a check?

The World’s 18 Highest-Paid Actresses earned a combined $281 million before taxes and fees–$660 million less than the 34 World’s Highest-Paid Actors, who banked a cumulative $941 million. Only four actresses made north of $20 million, while 21 actors banked $20 million-plus. We included actresses who earned over $6 million and up, while the male barrier for entry was far higher, at $13 million.

Huh, pretty impressive if you care about rich people, I guess! Here’s the rest of the list in order, along with their earnings:

1. Jennifer Lawrence ($52 mil)

2. Scarlett Johansson ($35.5 mil)

3. Melissa McCarthy ($23 mil)

4. Bingbing Fan ($20 mil)

5. Jennifer Aniston ($16.5 mil)

6. Julia Roberts ($16 mil)

7. Angelina Jolie ($15 mil)

8. Reese Witherspoon ($15 mil)

9. Anne Hathaway ($12 mil)

10. Kristen Stewart ($12 mil)

11. Cameron Diaz ($11 mil)

12. Gwyneth Paltrow ($9 mil)

13. Meryl Streep ($8 mil),

14. Amanda Seyfried ($8 mil),

15. Sandra Bullock ($8 mil)

16. Emma Stone ($6.5 mil)

17. Mila Kunis ($6.5 mil)

18. Natalie Portman $6 mil)

No shade against any of the ladies on this list, but please tell me how the hell Meryl Streep is only at #13 when she’s the greatest living actress??? I mean, what universe do we live in???

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