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Ben Affleck Spends His 43rd Bday At Universal Studios With His Kids And His Ex


Ben Affleck has a lot going on right now, in case you weren’t aware. He and Jennifer Garner are splitting up, all while he continues to deny that he’s seeing their former nanny. Even though he and Jennifer Garner are splitting, I guess they decided that the best decision for his 43rd birthday was to spend the day together with their children at Universal Studios in Orlando. Does that just…really not compute for anyone else? I can’t imagine spending an entire day with my soon-to-be-ex-husband. Then again, if we were going to Harry Potter world, I might seriously consider it.

E! managed to really outdo themselves by getting accounts from “eye witnesses” who saw the family at the park. They broke this earth-shattering story with this magnificent comment:

In fact, the family “was just walking around the park like normal people.”

What? Noooo. No freakin’ way! They were just…walking? Like normies???  No foolin’?? Gosh!!

Anyway, happy birthday, Ben Affleck. I really liked Gone Girl. Hilarious film. Thanks for that. Also, thanks for this, for whatever is going on here:


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