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Are Ed Sheeran & Nicole Scherzinger Dating? It Seems That Way…

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Well, I’ll be honest – this one totally came out of left field. I love Ed Sheeran and think he’s tremendously talented and seems like a nice guy, but I also never, ever would have expected Nicole Scherzinger to even give him a second look, let alone be DATING him, which is apparently what’s happening. Sounds insane, right? Like one of those weird stories that gets printed in the National Enquirer or on some obvious hoax site. In fact, literally every single news outlet has picked this one up, so it seems like there’s some real credibility to the Sheerzinger combo.

From The Telegraph:

The former X Factor judge is said to have become “extremely close” to the singer following a series of nights out. Scherzinger, the 37-year-old Pussycat Doll singer, has been friends with Sheeran, 24, for some time.

But friends have been left speculating on a potential blooming romance in recent months, according to The Sun on Sunday.

Sheeran is said to have taken Scherzinger, who last year made her West End debut in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats, for a date at a pub in his home town of Framlingham, in Suffolk, after they met in London.

He also invited her backstage when he performed a record three back-to-back shows at Wembley last month.

She is also said to have dedicated a performance of Don’t Cha to Sheeran when she performed in Hollywood on July 27, saying: “This is for you, Ed.”

A friend of Sheeran’s told the newspaper: “As far as he’s concerned they were in the early stages of dating and he’s been open about it with close friends and colleagues. It may not develop beyond those dates but they’re definitely tight.”

And a friend of Scherzinger said: “They’re extremely close. Nicole says he is the male version of her.”

Huh, go figure. I guess opposites truly do attract. I don’t think this will become some long-term romance, but I think it’s hilarious for now and I’m totally here for it. I hope it works out!

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  • He’s either got a huge cock, or bank account because I can see any woman he could appeal to otherwise. He doesn’t look like he bathes often either.