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Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Promo Begins… And It’s Terrifying

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I “got”, at least in an abstract sense, when Miley Cyrus started losing her damn mind, getting naked at every opportunity, twerking, and generally making an ass of herself. She was trying to shun the goody two-shoes Hannah Montana vibe she’d been plagued with from her Disney days and to prove that she’s now a grown ass woman who’s anything but sweet and innocent. While she went about it in somewhat of a terrible way, I have to support her on a base level because why shouldn’t an adult woman be allowed to do what she wants to do, so long as she’s not hurting anyone else? However, this wasn’t just some year-long phase that we’re now free from since she’s found her place in the world and doesn’t feel the need to act out anymore. Miley is still ~wild and crazy~, and the promos for her upcoming MTV VMAs hosting gig prove it.

First, let’s start with the video. The quick clip basically just shows Miley strutting her stuff (whatever stuff that is) in a bathing suit in front of a green screen, and then turning and conspiratorially turning to wink at the camera. I’m not sure what the wink is meant to symbolize, but let’s just go with it:

fuck yeah VMAzzzzzz!!!!! Make and submit your VMA edits at @mtv #vmas #host

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

And then there are the pictures… which, I mean, whatever. It’s far from the worst photo shoot she’s ever done, but it just seems like more and more of the same old shit. In other words, trying to convey that the MTV VMAs will basically be all about Miley sticking her tongue out and taking her clothes off is not exciting, and in fact makes me want to watch even less than I already did, which is an extremely difficult task.

What do you think? (Also, wasn’t she supposed to be retiring the tongue move?)

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