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Blake Shelton Takes To Twitter To Make Nice With Ex And Curse At Fan


In case you’ve managed to successfully hide under the rock this week (in which case, kudos, and is there room for two?) Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got divorced. The unofficial reason for their split is that one (or both) were cheating. It’s kind of a mess, and adding to that mess was singer Cady Groves tweeting a bunch of thirsty shit that’s supposedly directed at Mr. Shelton.

Okay, before we go any further, I feel like I have to be honest: I have a really lame-ass crush on Blake Shelton, and yes, I am goddamn ashamed of it. I have no idea why or how this happened, but here we are. (Come on, I KNOW I’m not alone. SHOW YOURSELVES!!)

Moving on, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert aren’t going to let cheating rumors tarnish their image, nor are they going to let Twitter destroy their legacy — nay. They’re using Twitter to their advantage, by tweeting to each other their mutual support over country singer Ashley Monroe’s new album.


They may divorced but it’s not a ~~regular divorce~~ it’s a ~~cool divorce~~.

And in case you were doubting that this was in real time, Shelton assures you it is not. This was in response to the tweet, “this is all the lolz. Pre-set tweets. Awesome.” :


Now maybe you’re thinking, well this is f-cking stupid. You’re not alone there either. A fan (former fan?) voiced their eyeroll, tweeting, “losing respect because of this whole charade” and got a smackdown from Shelton himself:


Sorry everyone, but that last tweet from Shelton made me like him even more…Oh God, noooooo.

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  • What a jerk…hanging around Twitter like a 12 year old…and, sorry “buddy” you DO give quite a bit of shit or you wouldn’t have posted that you didn’t.