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Woody Allen On Emma Stone: ‘She’s Really Got It All’

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Frankly, I’ve always found Woody Allen incredibly creepy and can’t see why anyone would want to be involved with anything he does, cinematic genius or not. But here we are, with Hollywood actors still fawning all over him despite how gross he is as a man. One actress in particular that’s taken a shine to Woody and vice-versa is Emma Stone. She’s starred in two of his films, Magic in the Moonlight and Irrational Man, and well, gee, he just thinks she’s swell.

“Emma can do everything: She can act, sing, dance, astonish, and she’s beautiful and intelligent. She’s really got it all. I was writing this script and I was worried about who could possibly pull off this part, and of course Emma could,” the five-time Oscar winner told Us Weekly.

He also explained that many share his sentiment. “Nobody ever has anything bad to say about Emma Stone,” he said. “Whenever I’ve mentioned I’m working with her on a movie, people brighten up, ‘Oh I love her!’ I know why they do. She’s just adorable.”

I don’t mind Emma – she’s okay, but I do think she’s a bit over-hyped and I don’t think she’s that great. Also, any white actress who finds no issue with playing an Asian character is a bit questionable to me, but whatevs. Woody likes her, and I guess that’s what matters? Ugh. The fact that he’s describing a grown woman as “adorable” and infantalizing her is particularly scary, given his history. Yuck.

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