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Halle Berry Taking Gabriel Aubry To Child Support Court

halle berry gabriel aubry

Halle Berry has been pissed off with her former partner Gabriel Aubry being a deadbeat that lives off child support she pays for their daughter Nahla for a long time. Now, she’s so fed up with it that she’s taking him to court to lower the amount she has to pay, since it’s an exorbitant amount of money that he’s using to avoid getting a job, like the wonderful, upstanding man he is.

From TMZ:

Berry’s child support trial begins this morning. TMZ broke the story … Halle wants the judge to reduce the child support she’s paying Gabriel from $16,000 a month to somewhere closer to the neighborhood of $3,000 a month.

Berry has groused Gabriel needs to get a job and pay his own freight. She says she’s happy to pay him to properly care for 7-year-old Nahla when he has physical custody, but she says he’s using the money to avoid work.

Aubry has been a successful model, but says he lost a lot of work after Halle’s then-fiance/now hubby, Olivier Martinez, beat his face in.

Oh God, is that seriously his excuse? That he can no longer model which means he can’t earn his own money? GET A REAL JOB, ASSHOLE. Let’s hope the judge sides with Halle on this one, because this is absolutely ridiculous. Nahla isn’t even living with him full time, and even if she WAS, no one needs $16,000 a month for a 7-year-old.

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