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Here’s Justin Bieber’s Naked Butt Just For You — PHOTO


justin bieber butt edited

Sorry for those of you who are busy eating your breakfast – you probably won’t have much of an appetite after this. Justin Bieber thought it’d be a great idea to treat his fans to a lovely view of his bare backside on Instagram during the early hours of Tuesday morning, so he posted a picture of… his bare backside standing on the side of a boat and looking at a mountain in the distance.

Justin captioned the shot “Look” and that’s it. Look at his ass? Look at the mountain in the background? Apparently this was taken in Bora Bora, where he’s currently vacationing and where I’m guessing public nudity isn’t illegal. Why he can’t wear swim trunks, I don’t know, but I’m sure there are some who welcome the opportunity to see his junk. I’m not one of them, but this is for you.

Justin’s uncovered bum is behind the cut, just in case you’re at work and/or disgusted by him.

justin bieber butt

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